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Cover of the pulp magazine Oriental Stories Spring 1932 t
Cover of the pulp magazine Oriental Stories, Spring 1932
The Adventure, War, and Espionage Fiction Magazine Index
Oriental Stories October-November 1930.jpg
Spicy Mystery Stories By E Hoffman Price
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December 2013 Archives. Science Fiction ArtPulp ...
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Strange Tales (pulp magazine)
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Strange Stories—August 1939. Pulp magazineMagazine ArtMAGAZINE COVERSStrange ...
Popular Western, Volume VI, # 3 April 1936 (inc. Last Bullet; Hidden Trail; The Belled Cougar; Pistol Poker; Horse Thieves of the K7, etc)( Pulp Magazine )
E. Hoffmann Price - "The Dragoman's Jest", a collaboration between Price and
Image for Planet Stories Winter 1949 Volume IV # 5 (inc. Dead Star Rover
A collection of covers from “Black Mask,” the vintage pulp fiction magazine.
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Pearson's Magazine, April, 1930 (inc. Buccaneer Love [a Captain Blood Story ]; A Man to Tame the Termagant; Calling Aunt Caroline; Two on the Top Floor By ...
Pulp magazine
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ORIENTAL STORIES - Volume 1, # 1 - October - November 1930 ( Singapore Nights; Man Who Limped; White Queen; Strange Bedfellow; Tiger's Eye; Eyes of the Dead ...
While his name may not be familiar to the more casual pulp fan, he was a prolific and successful pulp writer who authored more than 800 stories ...
ORIENTAL STORIES: Desmond, William H.;
... [letter] · F. L. Steben, Mrs. · lt
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Weird Tales, US pulp magazine cover art May 1952
Image for ORIENTAL STORIES - Volume 2, # 1 - Winter 1932 ( Sowers of
The Dragoman's Slave Girl
A Thrilling Tale Of Burma
Image for Street & Smith Complete Stories Pulp, June 1928, Volume xii, #
Weird Tales 35-08
Action Stories 40-06 ...
Wordslingers: An Epitaph for the Western -by Will Murray -a Signed Copy ( Western Pulp Magazine History )
The Adventure, War, and Espionage Fiction Magazine Index
Weird Tales, April 1929. Cover story: "The Devil's Rosary" by Seabury Quinn. Cover art by Hugh Rankin. Hugh Rankin was no spring chicken when he created ...
Cover of the pulp magazine Spicy Detective Stories vol. 2, #6 (April 1935) featuring "Bullet from Nowhere" by Robert Leslie Bellem
Dime Detective 47-02
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Pulp Magazine (facsimile): Strange Tales of Mystery & Terror ( Dead Legs;
Weird Tales 45-07
Weird Tales, Oct 1936
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E. Hoffmann Price - Cover of the pulp magazine "Spicy-Adventure Stories"
ORIENTAL STORIES - Volume 2, # 3 - Summer 1932 ( Dragoman's Confession; Pirate
Weird Tales 52-01
Horror Stories (magazine)
Weird Tales
Publishers[edit]. Cover of the pulp magazine ...
Robert E. Howard Bibliography
... 143 · The Trail Table in the Lean-To · [The Editor] · ed
For the last week or so, PulpFest's web posts have been discussing this year's celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert Bloch.
This entire issue can be downloaded here.
The Magic Carpet volume will follow in Spring of 2008 to round out that great collection.
Girasol Collectables Inc.
Amazing Stories 53-04-05
Oriental Stories, Vol 1, No. 4 (Spring 1931) by Farnsworth Wright
eye 517,064. Amazing Stories is an American science fiction ...
Young's Realistic Stories Magazine Pulp, June 1925, Volume xlix, # 4 (inc
Lesbian pulp fiction
Future Science Fiction and Science Fiction Stories
But in the face of these attractions, what more might be offered for an entire quarter?
Air War 1944-Summer
Cover of October 1931 Weird Tales
March 1936
This entire issue can be downloaded here.
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The first two numbers of Oriental Stories
True Detective (magazine)
Uncanny Tales (US pulp magazine)
Avenger (pulp-magazine character)
ORIENTAL STORIES - Volume 2, number 2: Wright, Farnsworth (editor)
Image for Super Science Stories April 1951.
Oriental Stories Vol 1. No. 2. Dec. 1930 - Jan. 1931
Leo Morey, Illustration for “The Space Marines and the Slavers”, Amazing Stories, 1936 (The Bob Olsen story illustrated on this cover features one of the ...
The 2017 Paperback and Pulp Bookfair
Adventure (magazine)
Bookseller reference : 29503
What a Long, Weird Trip It's Been
Weird Tales (June 1933)
The Lord of Samarcand
The Solomon Kane, And Other Stories:17 Stories by Robert E. Howard by
McClure's Magazine v34n04 [1910-02]
Pulp Art: Original Cover Paintings for the Great American Pulp Magazines - Robert Lesser,
dirty pictures 003 - pulp art of the 1930s