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gag a day comic
i want to make cartoons & comics but i have no idea where to start!
It's from Gary's Garden and Gary Northfield has kindly said I could reproduce it here even though it's not public elsewhere. (Thanks, Gary!) A study in ...
black and white comic
If you want something a bit more fun and simple, or for younger children, Neill Cameron's book How to Make Awesome Comics is full of great ideas to get you ...
Ben Grimm fights team. Photo: Marvel Entertainment
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Photo: All-Negro Comics, Inc.
How to Create a Comic Strip With Your Kids in 7 Easy Steps | My Kids' Adventures
Photo: First Comics
(The 'panels' are the boxes that contain the pictures. You don't have to draw a line around them but you can if it's handy for telling your story.)
Instructions on the Montgomery Method. Photo: Fellowship of Reconciliation
Comic Artists Infographic
Jimmy Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time was often drawn in the two-panel format as seen in this 1943 example.
Comic strip
Wonder Woman Comic Cover
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Comic books on display at a museum, depicting how they would have been displayed at a rail station store in the first half of the 20th century.
Wolverine rises from the sewer. Photo: Marvel Entertainment
Manga, and Graphic Novel publishers who accept creator submissions
Gene Ahern's The Squirrel Cage (January 3, 1937), an example of a topper strip which is better remembered than the strip it accompanied, Ahern's Room and ...
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Mike Mignola: Why I'm ending Hellboy to go paint watercolors instead | Books | The Guardian
A common comic-book cover format displays the issue number, date, price and publisher along with an illustration and cover copy that may include a story's ...
Russell Patterson and Carolyn Wells' New Adventures of Flossy Frills (January 26, 1941), an example of comic strips on Sunday magazines.
You have quite a few options, both online and in the real world. Life's going to be easier if you can find somewhere to sell them offline: that way, people ...
Digital vs. drawing on paper
How to make a comic strip
The Mask-comic.jpg
Juggernaut getting stabbed in the eye (the page over which McFarlane fought and eventually left Marvel). Photo: Marvel Entertainment
Judge Dredd
What Is a Storyboard and How Can You Make One for Your Video? | Animatron Blog
In this episode, Wonder Woman takes another character, Bif, back in time to prove that history—especially women's history—isn't boring.
Technical Instructions for making the comic
Speech Bubbles: Understanding Comics with Scott McCloud
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A man holds copies of the Captain America comic book at a store in New York March 7, 2007. Shannon Stapleton / Reuters
comic hand lettering guide by Dale Martin
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V for Vendetta
The page where he shows the animal aspect is clearly a mask now and he is sitting on a pile of dead people. Photo: Pantheon
Double-page spread from “The Pact.” Photo: DC Entertainment
When pressed to give a full definition, McCloud explains that comics are a distinct art form of “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate ...
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Introduction of Pogo. Photo: Dell Publishing
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... any of the comics sold in their online Phoenix Comic shop, they're all top-quality and family-friendly. (A few of its cartoonists are Gary Northfield, ...
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Amazing Spider-Man 545.jpg
Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center
It's from Gary's Garden and Gary Northfield has kindly said I could reproduce it here even though it's not public elsewhere. (Thanks, Gary!) A study in ...
Dorothy Roubicek proposed gentler methods of restraining Wonder Woman “without the use of chains.” (Smithsonian Libraries)
A comic is something that tells a story in two pictures or more. (My favourite newspaper comic strips are Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson.)
It's from Gary's Garden and Gary Northfield has kindly said I could reproduce it here even though it's not public elsewhere. (Thanks, Gary!) A study in ...
Stickman starts creating a comic strip and realises he needs a cat
Blank Comic Book For Kids : Create Your Own Comics With This Comic Book Journal Notebook
A webcomic is a comic that's published online (such as Scary Go Round by John Allison). A graphic novel is just a fancy name for a longer comic packaged up ...
Superman defeats wife-beater. Photo: DC Entertainment
Finbarr Saunders: Sergei
In “Victory at Sea,” from March 1943, Steve Trevor proposes administering a lie detector test to Diana Prince, who was secretly Wonder Woman.
And to top it off, American comic usually show very little sense of dialogue (and emotion which come with it). For example, below strips is something which ...
Arthouse Indie Publishers who accept creator submissions
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In 1992 a group of Marvel's top artists, frustrated with having their work exploited, walked out to form Image Comics, a place where creators would retain ...
But those backgrounds also contain clues about the ongoing story -- pertinent graffiti tags, billboards, a paperback sitting on a table.
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... have complicated backgrounds; see this comic in a series about people's Deep Dark Fears by Fran Krause. (It looks it's drawn with a paintbrush and ink, ...
Or, at the other extreme, someone might make a two-panel sequence showing the history of the universe, beginning to end, illustrating the Big Bang and ...
Submission guidelines for the 'big 4' comic publishers
Photo: EC Comics
Marston insisted that comic books were an elevated form of literature, fantasies that “touch the tender spots of universal human desires and aspirations.
Blank Comic Book: 7.5 x 9.25, 130 Pages, comic panel,For drawing
For Vern and Lettuce and my Shark and Unicorn strip for The Funday Times, I like to do the black outline in old-fashioned dip pen, because it gives me a ...
When he first appeared on the scene in 1991, Deadpool was a minor character, hailed as the mutant answer to Spider-Man. Or, rather, the mutant rip-off of ...
Cartoon and newspaper syndicates who accept artist submissions
With more people than ever trying to make a living online, Patreon has emerged as a platform for content creators to see how engaged their fans really are.
Apollo and the Midnighter
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There are different levels of polish you can put on a comic, and sometimes it's more important just to get a comic made, than to make it perfect.
i want to make cartoons & comics but i have no idea where to start!: jabberworks ?
types of illustration studio mike redman
A photo of a flyer as an example of a design's visual hierarchy
(Smithsonian Libraries)
'Til Death Do Us Part
In 1972, the founders of Ms. put her on the cover of the magazine's first regular issue. (Ms. magazine)
We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned : All Tech Considered : NPR