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Kingpin and Spider-Man
Magneto has been right about things so many times that characters wearing "Magneto Was Right" t-shirts has been a running gag in X-Men comics since about ...
Holy shit, Teen Titans #22 these two are such a underrated duo, they need a comic together seriously
Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special Full - Read Villains Uni… | Superheroes and Supervillains | Pinterest | Infinite crisis, Comic villains and Comic
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: It's a Blast to Miles' Past in Spider-Man Annual #1
Harley quinn
Everyone's favorite Cajun X-Man received his first solo series in 1999, from the creative team of Fabian Nicieza and Steve Skroce.
X-Men. Comic Superheroes
From 'Doctor Strange: Season One' #1
Ras al Ghul's spa session often left him rejuvenated and resurrected.
Deadpool & Shiklah
Batman Revealed To Be A Metahuman But Is He Really! Batman Metahuman Explained DC Rebirth
Foot Clan Meet Batman
Build An All-Star Superhero Team And We'll Give You A Supervillain To Fight
But after you justify killing one person, what's to say another can't be killed. Sure the Joker was a terrible person, but he wasn't a force of evil, ...
Twelve years before Black Panther became one of the most anticipated superhero films of all time, Reginald Hudlin was hired to pen a comic-book series that ...
Comics[Spoiler] We ...
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Which superhero/supervillain would be the worst to deal with as a zombie?
Preview: World War Hulks: Hulked-Out Heroes #1 – Page 5
Now we have Superman, the god who chose to be a man, who chose to be better, who was the ultimate role model, has fallen to earth, and he's decided that the ...
Why does a superhero hesitate to kill a villain when the villains are killing dozens of innocent people? When a person can kill dozens of innocents, ...
Welcome to another entry into the series for DC with LEGO DC Super-Villains, ...
He believes he is doing what needs to be done for humanity, but he doesn't set inviolable rules, and he becomes corrupt.
Lego DC Super Villains is about making your own bad guy
lego dc villains
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The Unworthy Thor (2016-) 2 Page 14
If you haven't been keeping up with Green Arrow, you might find yourself intrigued by this week's issue.
A short scene at the end connects the villain of the week to the next antagonist to come, helping to further cement this issue as being plot-relevant.
... With 'Wonder Woman' paving the way, these are the five female superheroes we
Meet Iron Fist, the latest Marvel hero to get his own TV show
... pages give you a taste of what you're in for as Booster returns to enlist the help of Selina and Bruce in a time-travelling caper to kidnap a younger ...
It's only May (and even then, only just May), and we're already into our second superhero movie of the year, with this week's “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” ...
... meme about how you either die young as hero or living long enough to be the
Exiles #1
Luke Fox and Azrael join the fight in the Manor and take out the OMAC Colony soldiers by using a trick that they keep using, even though a page or two ...
List of Batman supporting characters
Daredevil Marvel What If Stories
Deadpool & Punisher find some common ground.
Spider-Man on PS4 makes you feel like a superhero
Lego DC Super Villains
Art by Jim Lee. (DC Comics)
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new years eve joe kelly superman spiderman xmen
Wot I Think: Lego DC Super-Villains
Superhero fiction
You just can't help yourself. I can already see him bordering on fucking up with Dinah.
Johnny Storm, The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four
Preview: Spider-Man 2099 #12, Story: Peter David Art: Will Sliney Cover: Francesco Mattina Publisher: Marvel Publication Date: July 6…
Grymm (Prime Earth)
You can't much more powerful than that, but he had one great weakness. You can see for yourself:
Then satisfied in his defeat by the Dark Knight, Oroku Saki agreed to return to his cell without a fight, thus recovering his honor in defeat, ...
Image by Marvel Comics
The lauded “Dark Phoenix Saga” emerged at the height of the X-Men's cultural presence. Detailing the story of Jean Grey's transformation from bland ...
Critics assemble: our writers pick their favorite superhero films | Film | The Guardian
While superheroes dominate print comics, they pop up less often across the webcomics landscape. But there are still plenty of great webcartoonists putting ...
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Sideways #7
Interior Page from Heroes International #2
Harley Quinn #50 is also an all-star jam session with a ton of top notch artists. Did you come up with the concepts of the issue first and then find an ...
Batman's ...
What comes next is actually slightly hazy to me, mainly because it involves Prime bouncing around different versions of Earth and space attempting to find ...
Would you consider yourself an egomaniac?
One of the things that I address with my students when we talk about pop culture and representation is the feeling that's created when you can't see ...
DiscussionWith Doom and the FF coming home to the MCU this is a scene I pray we get to see in the future. The proceeding fight would be insane! (i
I missed this book the week it came out and I really did miss out! This first issue does little beyond introducing our cast and setting up some of the ...
Now that Black Panther 2 is confirmed by Marvel, we know who we'd like to see T'Challa take on.
All Time Comics - Blind Justice 1 Page 29
Be careful you don't stretch yourself too thin, Plastic Man.
It remains a superhero benchmark, and if you have ever liked superhero comics, you owe it to yourself to give it a read.
Teen Titans #12 Comic Book Review
Why Doctor Doom Is the Best Supervillain of All Time
Honestly, I find writing about these games increasingly exhausting, and playing them just as fun as ever. There was a point, around the Lego Indy period, ...
Beyond their culpability at unleashing chaos into the universe, Brainiac's supposition that the League and other Earth heroes could be more effective if ...
After being defeated by Daredevil, Bullseye would make it his goal to get revenge. However, he still wasn't opposed to taking on other contracts.
I can't help but remember this page when ...
Dealing with devils is a pretty tricky thing, but it gets trickier when you don't actually know that they're devils in the first place.
The 30 Best Superhero Movies Since Blade
LEGO DC Super Villains